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Career Education programs at California community colleges help students prepare for more than 200 career pathways by exploring, collaborating and doing. This toolkit provides customizable Career Education marketing materials for your college or region. Everything from ready-to-use downloadable assets, guidelines for customizing the campaign and materials for hosting your own outreach events are just a click away.

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This is your starting point for incorporating Career Education into your marketing campaign or recruiting event. Learn about recommended colors and fonts and get helpful instructions on how to tailor these assets to your specific college or region.

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San Diego and Imperial Region Brochure


Explore the variety of collateral materials, creative assets and resources available to your school. From factsheets to billboards to digital banners, everything you need to market your Career Education program is right at your fingertips.

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Latest Updates

Get the most recent information about California Community Colleges’ Career Education programs.

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Learn about additional programs and resources that can support your Career Education program.